About Us

DR Logistics was founded in 2002 in Switzerland with a large office in Istanbul, Turkey, and essential contacts around the globe. For over 10 years, DR Logistics has been providing its customers with the same efficiency and thorough service. The first priority of DR Logistics has been the satisfaction of its customers. Although we are consecutively growing and expanding, the company prides itself in its accessibility. While large enough to produce revenue and help further the economy, the company prides itself in being sizable enough to provide personal and customized attention to its clients. DR Logistics knows how important it is for its customers to be constantly updated and informed on the whereabouts of their goods. New technologies help further these possibilities. DR Logistics uses the latest technologies to help further the client’s accessibility to the whereabouts of their goods. All vehicles are equipped with GPS systems that makes it easy to track them.

While DR Logistics cares for the use of advanced and new technologies, it is also concerned with the environment. Thus, all vehicles used by DR Logistics, as well as goods that are being shipped, follow Euro V regulation standards. This not only improves the quality of the services, but also helps maintain the quality of our environment.

It has been DR Logistics’ main policy to work quickly and efficiently. Hence, everyone in the DR family works hard to continue to provide that standard.

Are you ready to join the DR Logistics family? We are ready to help you!